Chaotic Moon, Tech Tat, electronic tattoo

Wearables: Are Tech Tats Next?

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
Chaotic Moon, Tech Tat, electronic tattoo

An electronic tattoo could one day serve as a form of preventive care.

The Austin-based start-up Chaotic Moon has developed a biosensor concept that may sound far fetched but is nonetheless attracting a lot of attention.  It is working on a tech tattoo, which would essentially replace the yearly physical. So instead of visiting the doctor once a year for an exam, the tattoo would monitor the body and alert your doctor is something is wrong (ie., early signs of a fever, concerning change in heart rate).  The electronic tattoo, which consists of circuitry and electroconductive paint, has a microcontroller that monitors and transmits data.

According to Eric Schneider, creative technologist, hardware at Chaotic Moon, the company is looking at the medical space as a solution to monitoring devices that take up a lot of room and space.

What do you think: Is the tech tat too futuristic to be taken seriously or is it a potentially viable technology?

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