FDA Seeks $60 Million in Funding to Improve Access to Safe and Effective Medical Products

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

The total $8.4 billion fiscal year 2023 budget request is 34% higher than the agency’s 2022 appropriated funding level.

FDA has announced its budget request as part of the President’s 2023 fiscal year budget. Within the medical product sector, the agency is asking for $60 million to help improve access to safe and effective medical products:

  • $20 million for the Cancer Moonshot to expedite progress in cancer research and improve cancer outcomes
  • $5 million for improving medical device cybersecurity with a goal of developing a “more comprehensive” program that helps identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. In addition, the funding will help the FDA hire more staff to recruit and develop better cybersecurity expertise within CDRH, and develop infrastructure that addresses cybersecurity issues
  • $5 million to enhance review capacity for premarket animal drug submissions
  • $30 million to advance the goal of ending the opioid crisis

Under the FDA’s funding requests that serve its core operations, the agency asked for $68 million to invest in data modernization and enhanced technologies to improve core programs and infrastructure related to medical product programs, including enhancements to data-informed capabilities like artificial intelligence and machine learning; $24 million to optimize inspections, including increasing support for recruiting and training new FDA investigators; $5 million in funding has been requested to go towards a strategy for new and alternative methods for product testing in an effort to reduce animal testing.

The FY budget covers October 1, 2022 through September 30, 2023.

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