Editorial Submissions

MTI Editorial Guidelines

MedTech Intelligence addresses topics within Medical Device Intelligence, Digital Healthcare Intelligence, Health Information Technology, Product Design & Manufacturing, Regulatory & Quality, Supply Chain and MedTech Finance, as they relate to the Medical Device, Diagnostic and Digital Health industries. We welcome the submission of features and columns. Please review the Guidelines for Submission below.

All manuscripts are subject to copy editing and fact-checking to ensure the quality and relevance of the materials. Authors are given the opportunity to review and approve or alter the edited draft prior to publication. On average, submissions can require two to three weeks for review and up to a month for publication.

Guidelines for Submission

Articles should be submitted in a Word document through the form at the bottom of the page.

  • Articles must be an original piece. We do not accept articles that have previously been published or are under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Plagiarism:  We will not accept articles that contain information that has been copied from another source. All information must be attributed to its original source.
  • Topics should fall under the umbrella of MedTech and Digital Healthcare operations, product development, and quality and regulatory.
  • Features should provide educational and informative content.
  • Columns can include opinion pieces, but they must contain factual information and should not contain offensive statements.
  • As a general rule of thumb, follow the word count:
    • 1200-2000 words for features
    • 600-1200 words for columns
  • Include as part of your article:
    • Suitable title
    • 2-3 sentence intro/executive summary of the article
    • References
    • Author bio: First and last name, job title, company name and email contact information. Company names, email or website addresses do not suffice as author names.
    • Appropriate images/illustrations, figures and tables with captions
  • Tables and figures must be numbered and referenced within the article.
  • Figures and illustrations must be provided as separate files. Do not submit them within the body copy. Preferred formats to send images are PNG, JPG, TIFF, and EPS, at least 200 x 100 pixels and 72 DPI. Number figures in order of reference within the article. Hardcopy of artwork will not be accepted.
  • It is the responsibility of the author to obtain permission to use any images or graphics. Do not pull artwork from other websites unless you have obtained permission to do so.
  • References should be numbered in order of reference to within the article. These should be indicated within the article text by superscript numerals or hyperlinked within the article.
  • Bibliographies or suggested readings should be organized alphabetically and not numbered.

Final Points to Consider

  • We do not accept promotional materials (press releases, etc.)
  • During the copy-editing process, all promotional information, including product names and company name, will be removed.
  • Make sure the content submitted is relevant to the above topics.
  • Consult with the editorial team before beginning the writing process to ensure content affinity and maximize engagement among MedTech Intelligence readers.

Once published on MedTech Intelligence, we encourage our authors to share their content through social media channels.


    We can only accept PDF or Microsoft Word files