Developing Adhesives for Oh-So-Delicate Areas

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Unique factors are involved when designing adhesives for the face and other fragile parts of the skin.

Manufacturers of adhesive products must take into account different considerations when developing adhesives for certain consumer applications. Designers of products that are used on the scalp, face, nails or other delicate parts of the skin need to carefully select materials that provide effective adhesion and wear time while providing comfort to the patient and preventing skin damage upon removal.

“Your brand is critical when dealing with retail and consumer products.  Making sure that you select the right components, such as tape, for the application and body location will help ensure you protect that brand,” says John Dugas, global business manager at 3M Medical Materials and Technologies.

Understanding several device design requirements is a key part of this process:

  • How the product will be used (disposable vs. reusable)
  • What substrates or materials the product contacts
  • Duration (short term vs. long term)
  • Size of the contact area
  • Skin sensitivity or skin conditions

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“For consumer/retail products, customers pay attention to brands. Therefore, if the product does not work or causes discomfort, it is going to damage that brand,” says Dugas. “By understanding the location on the body and the characteristics of that location, companies can get the functionality that they require and minimize performance or discomfort issues for retail products that contact various parts of the body.”

Several skin characteristics can impact effective skin adhesion, including:

  • Contaminated surface (sweat, salt, lotion)
  • Rough texture (hair growth, pores, wrinkles)
  • Cell renewal cycle
  • Elastic surface
  • Low surface energy
  • Sensitive surface
Dugas and Tebrake_3M
John Dugas and Maggi Tebrake to discuss medical adhesives for sensitive areas of the skin.

Next week Dugas and Maggi Tebrake, technical service specialist at 3M Medical Materials, will discuss why medical adhesives should be used in retail and consumer applications for the body during the webinar, “Adhesives for Scalp, Nails, Facial and Delicate Applications”. Attendees can expect to learn about the design and development process for these products, as well as the challenges and practical considerations. The webinar takes place on Wednesday, July 15, 11 am – Noon ET.

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