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Q3 European Medtech Deals Up Nearly 13%

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
Dollar, money

Eighty medtech transactions in Europe came in at a value of approximately $627.5 million.

During Q3 2019, the medtech sector in Europe experienced an uptick in deal activity. Transactions were up 12.7% compared to the four-quarter average and were worth $627.42 million, according to GlobalData. Within those 80 deals are the following highlights:

  • Venture financing = 40 transactions (50%), valued at $539 million
  • M&A = 29 deals (36%), valued at $80 million
  • Private equity deals = 11 (14%), valued at $7.8 million
  • Top 5 deals
    • CMR Surgical: $242.7 million venture financing
    • Quanta Dialysis Technologies: $47 million venture financing
    • iSTAR Medical: $44 million venture financing
    • Cytena: $33.6 million acquisition by Cellink
    • RAL Diagnostics: $27.9 million acquisition by CellaVision

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