Medtronic Commits to Funding Pandemic Preparedness Research

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Part of the research will look at the strength of the supply chain, including its effectiveness in distributing ventilators.

Medtronic announced that it will provide funding to support pandemic preparedness research conducted by the National University of Ireland (NUI) in Galway. The work at NUI will include assessing the ventilator supply chain and how to improve supply chain resilience, along with improving the skills of nursing and healthcare staff in the area of mechanical ventilation.

The company’s CEO Geoff Martha recently received the Ireland-US council Global Achievement Award for his part in overseeing Medtronic’s impressive contributions to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. During the early days of the pandemic, Medtronic and its foundation committed $1.5 million to COVID-19 relief efforts worldwide. In February 2020, it also donated ventilators, respiratory filters, pulse oximeters, sensors and centrifugal blood pumps to Wuhan.

This latest round of funding by Medtronic is part of the company’s Giving Back to Galway initiative. Thus far the company has given more than €900,000 to projects in the city.

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