Maria Fontanazza, Editor-in-Chief,
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What’s in a Name? A Lot.

By Maria Fontanazza
Maria Fontanazza, Editor-in-Chief,

Our content and conferences are stronger than ever, and our new name, MedTech Intelligence, reflects a continued commitment to the medical device industry.

In life, a name means so much. We take special care in naming our children and our pets. In business, a name can represent a company’s philosophy or mission. It has to be just right.

Several months ago, the team at Innovative Publishing decided it was time for a new name that better represented our mission to bring thoughtful, intellectual information to the medical device industry. We agreed that MedTech Intelligence was indeed “just right”, because it embodies our dedication to delivering quality over quantity in both our digital publication and our dynamic conferences.

Of course you’ll notice an aesthetic difference to our new site (I love it!), but our revamp goes far beyond a facelift. Your inbox is probably filled with many daily newsletters, a lot of which contain very similar (dare I say, duplicate?) content. In publishing, the race to put out information that isn’t necessarily original can be intense. I’ve watched the publishing industry change dramatically over the past decade and firmly believe that giving readers information that helps them do their jobs more effectively, and facilitating meaningful dialogue among industry professionals, is far more valuable than offering quick hits.

MedTech Intelligence focuses on five key areas: quality & regulatory, product development, operations, market access, and business development.  Our online publication and medical device conferences strive to provide our audience with intelligence that enables them to make positive, effective decisions in today’s global business ecosystem. These choices will ultimately affect the patient, and we believe we are contributing to creating a better healthcare environment.

A brand is only as strong as the people behind it. Many thanks to the Innovative Publishing team, as they have worked tirelessly to make the exciting launch of MedTech Intelligence happen. And many thanks to you, our audience, who I hope will not only continue to read our publication, watch our videos, and attend our conferences, but will also continue to contribute content and speak up, as collaboration and the exchange of ideas is essential to advancing the medical device industry.

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