Rick Biros, Publisher, MedTech Intelligence

MedTech Intelligence: Better Representing Our Business

By Rick Biros
Rick Biros, Publisher, MedTech Intelligence

Change is constant, and we continue to evolve.

Welcome to MedTech Intelligence, formally Medical Device Summit.  The new brand, graphic redesign, website platform and editorial approach is the culmination of a nine-month project driven by evolutionary market factors and the changing informational needs of the medical technology industry. 

We initially launched Medical Device Summit six years ago when print magazines were quickly slipping towards obsolescence and digital publishing was still in its infancy. We began as an industry portal that served as an online meeting place, so our name made sense. Over the years we have evolved into a sustainable and growing e-publishing business, and we organize several medical device conferences each year. With a strong business model of digital publishing coupled with conferences, we feel the brand MedTech Intelligence better represents both aspects of our business.

The website MedTechIntelligence.com is built on a new e-publishing platform that provides many features and benefits to you, the reader, from a more user-friendly experience to more relevant video and editorial content, to better search features and social media sharing capabilities.

Editorially, we’ve changed too.  Maria Fontanazza joined our team as Editor-in-Chief earlier this year, bringing more than a decade of medical technology industry experience to the team. She has already made an impact on our content and our Twitter following.  Maria discusses the new editorial direction of MedTech Intelligence in her From the Editor’s Desk column.

Change is constant, and MedTech Intelligence will continue to evolve.  Recently, we had a very successful Combination Products conference, and you’ll see us leverage content from the conference into the digital publication, including a new section appropriately called Combination Products.

Our team has worked very hard to premiere the new MedTech Intelligence.  I hope you find the changes beneficial, and I welcome your comments and thoughts.

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Rick Biros, Publisher, MedTech Intelligence