Pager Health Rebrands – New Functionality in Connected Health Platform

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Pager Health announces new technology and services for patients and members to engage with providers and care management teams, customer service, and others – all connected in a unified conversation.

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NEW YORK, June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Pager Health℠ (formerly Pager Inc.) today announced the launch of an innovative, new agent-to-agent functionality that allows all care team members, from coordinators and nurses to primary care physicians and specialists, to deliver faster and more comprehensive care to patients and members in a single, unified conversation. The HIPAA-compliant feature set provides remarkable hand-off capabilities that connect clinicians and care coordinators across organizations directly with the patient or member as well as with each other via chat or video. This not only creates a more complete record that removes treatment delays and closes gaps in care, but also greatly increases the opportunity for first-touch resolution.

The organization further highlighted its emergence as a groundbreaking connected health platform company upon completion of a major rebrand reflecting its leadership in and commitment to driving intelligent health forward with an emphasis on helping people get and stay healthy. The rebrand not only deploys the company’s new core positioning and messaging, but further represents a significant evolution in look and feel that embodies the spirit and energy of connected health.

Through the new agent-to-agent functionality and entire portfolio of solution assets, including comprehensive wellbeing, the company establishes an unprecedented level of care collaboration, consumer engagement and patient accessibility across the entire healthcare ecosystem. With Pager Health’s technology and services, patients and members can engage with providers, care management, point solutions, customer service, and others – all connected in a unified conversation. The company’s solutions provide millions of people with “no wrong door” secure access, helping them get and stay healthy while reducing system friction and fragmentation, powering engagement and orchestrating the enterprise.

“Via our new agent-to-agent feature set and myriad other platform capabilities, Pager Health has created a new kind of connected health enterprise, promoting an unsurpassed level of digital unity and unbounded care,” said Walter Jin, president and CEO of Pager Health. “As a connected health platform company, we’re transforming today’s fragmented healthcare system, helping millions of people get the right care at the right place at the right time and remain healthy through dynamic wellbeing.”

By integrating technology, AI and concierge services into a patient-centered, proactive care engagement model, Pager Health directly supports healthcare’s Quadruple Aim. Pager Health addresses the provider shortage and diminished productivity of an overburdened workforce by leveraging tools such as AI evidence-based protocols, chat summarization, and sentiment analysis to resolve 66 percent of cases through low-cost virtual care services. Patients receive a hyper-personalized experience with “no-wrong-door” access through the company’s channel-of-choice communication, and concierge services via which patients can speak with a healthcare provider in less than 30 seconds. Health plans, employers and providers benefit directly from the validated $211 savings per clinical encounter that Pager Health consistently achieves.

At the heart of connected health, Pager Health’s enterprise orchestration platform integrates care teams and technology into a single digital thread of communication and relationship for seamless health management and information flow. The platform acts as a central hub, optimizing care team collaboration and integrating point solutions to ensure smooth transitions and workflow management across the continuum of care.

Earlier this year, Pager Health launched three new Generative AI (GenAI) applications, Chat Summation, FAQ Bots and Sentiment Analysis, developed through a partnership with Google Cloud Marketplace. The company also recently introduced its App-Free Engagement solution, an SMS-first communication tool that solves the last-mile challenge by enabling health plans to proactively connect with members and then authenticate their identity, without them ever having to log in to a portal or app.

“As the industry’s first connected health platform company, we are positioning our clients to move beyond siloed care teams, a fragmented consumer experience and other systemic inefficiencies to build a more integrated system that provides better care, reduces costs, decreases hospitalizations, and efficiently addresses gaps in care,” Jin said. “We believe this is a transformational moment for the healthcare industry.”

Pager Health today serves 28 million members in the United States and Latin America.


About Pager Health
Pager Health is a connected health platform company that enables healthcare enterprises to deliver high-engagement, intelligent health experiences for their patients, members and teams through integrated technology, AI and concierge services. Our solutions help people get the right care at the right time in the right place and stay healthy, while simultaneously reducing system friction and fragmentation, powering engagement, and orchestrating the enterprise. Pager Health partners with leading payers, providers and employers representing more than 28 million individuals across the United States and Latin America.



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