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USPTO Issues Patent for Risk Detection of Cardiovascular Disease   

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
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Cardio Diagnostics announced issuance of new U.S. Patent for “Compositions and Methods for Detecting Predisposition to Cardiovascular Disease.”

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued a notice of allowance to University of Iowa Research Foundation (UIRF) for U.S. Application No. 17,857,723 titled “Compositions and Methods for Detecting Predisposition to Cardiovascular Disease,” which is exclusively licensed to the Cardio Diagnostics Holdings from UIRF, and that was co-invented by Cardio Diagnostics’ founders, CEO Meesha Dogan, Ph.D., and CMO Robert Philibert, M.D., Ph.D. Cardio Diagnostics announced that this is the second U.S. patent being issued in this patent family. Patents in this patent family have also been issued in the European Union, China, India, and Australia.

The patents are associated with the company’s Integrated Epigenetic-Genetic Engine technology, developed to assess and stratify cardiovascular risk, and identify novel biomarkers and pathways critical in cardiovascular disease pathogenesis.

“The issuance of our latest patent helps us further protect our precision technology and solutions that harness the power of advanced genomics, advanced epigenomics, and artificial intelligence for the risk assessment, diagnosis, treatment, management and monitoring of cardiovascular disease,” said Dogan. “Our Precision Medicine solutions enable healthcare stakeholders, from patients, clinicians, and payors to employers, to make data-driven clinical, personal, and business decisions to get ahead of the human toll and financial burden of heart disease.”

Cardio Diagnostics’s Products include:
Epi+Gen CHD: An integrated genetic-epigenetic blood test to assess the three-year risk for coronary heart disease (CHD) events, particularly heart attacks or sudden death associated with CHD.

PrecisionCHD: An integrated genetic-epigenetic blood test to aid in diagnosing coronary heart disease.

HeartRisk: A cardiovascular disease risk intelligence platform to enable data-driven multi-stakeholder collaborations among patients, innovative providers, health plans, employers, and governmental entities to drive risk stratification in heart disease and enhance earlier prevention and interventions.

CardioInnovate360: A biopharma research solution that offers three pivotal capabilities: the identification of novel biomarkers and pathways critical in CVD pathogenesis, patient stratification for enhanced clinical trial efficacy, and the development of noninvasive, scalable post-market surveillance and companion diagnostic tests.

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