Top Three Disconnects in Product Development

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
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The unpredictability of the process can make it difficult to stay on track throughout every phase.

LISTEN to the roundtable discussion: “MedTech Product Development: Getting the Right Products to Market Sooner”From bringing together a variety of roles and responsibilities within an organization to trying to keep an eye on the big picture, managing the product development process is not for the faint of heart. MedTech Intelligence asked readers to tell us the areas in which they experience the most problematic disconnects during the product development process. Below are the results.

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Top three product development disconnects:

  • Regulatory pathway planning
  • Aligning engineering and clinical considerations
  • From user needs to design
Product development disconnects
Respondents to an MTI survey identify disconnects during the product development process. A full breakdown is shown in Table I below.
Where are the most problematic process disconnects in product development?
From user needs to design 42%
Design to testing 17%
Integrating hardware and software 29%
Communication with service or component vendors 12%
Aligning engineering and clinical considerations 51%
From early design to prototyping 7%
From prototyping to manufacturing 32%
Aligning business objectives with user needs 39%
Managing design changes 32%
Reimbursement due diligence 27%
Regulatory pathway planning 46%
 Table I. Results from a recent product development survey conducted by MedTech Intelligence.


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  1. Diana

    This leaves a lot up to interpretation. Will you follow up with explanations about what is the actual disconnect? And what are the variable reasons for the disconnect? Although interesting, it would be more useful with more substantive analysis.

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