Finger prick lab tests, Theranos

Theranos CEO Holmes Expresses Devastation Over Lab Woes

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
Finger prick lab tests, Theranos

In a Today Show interview, Elizabeth Holmes voices responsibility felt as a result of company problems.

In a recent interview with NBC’s Maria Shriver, Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes expressed that she was “devastated” over the events that led CMS to suggest banning her from the blood testing industry for two years. The letter in which Holmes references (dated March 18) also proposes barring President and COO Sunil Balwani from owning lab operations for two years and taking away Theranos’ federal license for its Newark, CA and Palo Alto, CA facilities (these labs generate the majority of the company’s revenue). This information was first reported by The Wall Street Journal, and a copy of the letter is available on the publication’s website.

The letter stated that Theranos had until March 28 to submit, in writing, any evidence as to why the sanctions should not be enforced.

On April 7, Theranos announced the expansion of its Scientific and Medical Advisory Board to include lab experts with healthy resumes that include experience at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, CDC, the Hospital for Special Surgery and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University Medical Center. According to a Theranos press release, the board will work with Theranos’ leadership team and internal groups to advise the company on how to integrate its technology into routine clinical practice, offer assistance on intellectual property issues, and collaborate with the company on next-generation tests. The board will also help the company implement best practices related to lab procedures and processes.

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