Stryker, IDA Ireland

Stryker Investing More than €200 Million in Cork, Ireland Facilities

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
Stryker, IDA Ireland

The company is dedicating more funds to research, development and innovative projects.

Stryker, IDA Ireland
Dylan Crotty, President, Instruments; Spencer Stiles, Group President, Instruments, Neurotechnology & Spine; Mary Buckley, Executive Director, IDA Ireland; Viju Menon, Group President, Global Quality and Operations. Image courtesy of IDA Ireland

This week Stryker announced that it will be putting more than €200 million towards R&D and innovation at three of its facilities in Cork, Ireland. The company has five facilities in Ireland and has built significant capabilities in R&D and new product development in the country over the past 20 years.

The Stryker investment will benefit the company’s AMagine Institute, its additive manufacturing facility that serves spine, craniomaxillofacial and joint replacement; its neurovascular business that addresses stroke treatment; and the Instruments Innovation Centre, which provides surgical products.

“This [investment] not only reflects the company’s commitment to Ireland, it is also a testament to our talented workforce,” said Heather Humphreys, TD Ireland’s Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation in an IDA Ireland press release. “These RD&I projects are truly world leading, highly innovative and pioneering. Without a doubt, they have the potential to change the face of healthcare provision, reaffirming Ireland’s position as a global leader in the medtech industry.”

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