Stephanie Domas, MedSec

Speaker Spotlight: MedSec’s Stephanie Domas on State of Cybersecurity

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
Stephanie Domas, MedSec

Domas to share her insights at the MedTech Intelligence Cybersecurity conference on September 26–27 in Cambridge, MA.

“In 2019, expect more of the same. More awareness, more regulatory involvement from the FDA and HHS, and more collaboration among manufacturers, healthcare organizations, federal agencies and cybersecurity services firms. And yes, expect more cyber attacks—and an increased sophistication with which they are executed,” said Stephanie Domas, vice president of research and development at MedSec in her recent article, “Medical Device 2019 Cybersecurity: More Awareness, More Regulatory Involvement, More Collaboration”, which was published by MedTech Intelligence earlier this year.

Domas has been vocal about the challenges that medical device manufacturers face (especially the smaller companies) in having the resources to address cybersecurity issues and the collaboration necessary between device makers and hospitals.

In her role at MedSec, Domas leads the development of cybersecurity products and services to support healthcare delivery organizations and medical device manufacturers on a range of areas that include design, architecture, verification, security risk management, regulatory filings, penetration testing, and execution of security best practices in the development of medical devices as well as vulnerability and asset management of connected medical devices in healthcare delivery organizations. She also is part of several standards committees that are involved in improving cybersecurity in medical devices.

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