Scott Gottlieb, FDA

President Trump to Pick Scott Gottlieb as FDA Commish

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
Scott Gottlieb, FDA

The president’s selection is drawing criticism due to reported ties with the pharmaceutical industry.

President Trump will reportedly nominate Scott Gottlieb, M.D. to serve as the next FDA commissioner. Gottlieb served as deputy commissioner for medical and scientific affairs during the George W. Bush administration and is currently a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a venture fund that has investments in life sciences, medical technology and healthcare services. The selection of Gottlieb has been criticized due to his ties to the pharmaceutical industry. In January President Trump held a meeting in which drug company executives were present, telling them he would “be cutting regulations at a level nobody’s ever seen before.”

“Gottlieb is entangled in an unprecedented web of Big Pharma ties,” Dr. Michael Carome, director of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group, told The New York Times. “He has spent most of his career dedicated to promoting the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry, and the U.S. Senate must reject him.” The Washington Post reports that between 2013 and 2015, Gottlieb received more than $413, 000 in consulting, speaking and other fees from drug companies.

In the device arena Gottlieb has also been openly critical about the long approval and the Medicare coverage process. AdvaMed issued a press release on Friday, stating that it looks forward to working with Gottlieb on the medical device user fee authorization.

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