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Pediatric Medical Devices Address COVID-19, 16 Companies Compete for Grants

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
Medtech, innovation

The winning innovators will receive grant awards of upwards of $50,000.

In addition to its annual “Make Your Medical Device Pitch for Kids!” competition, which focuses on innovation in the pediatric space, this year the National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation (NCC-PDI) launched a COVID-19 edition for 2020. Although COVID-19 has not been affecting the pediatric population as much as other age groups, it is remains a serious threat to children.

Kolaleh Eskandanian
Last year MedTech Intelligence spoke with Kolaleh Eskandanian, Ph.D., MBA, PMP, vice president and chief innovation officer at Children’s National Hospital and principal investigator of NCC-PDI about the lack of innovation in spinal and orthopedic devices for kids

On Monday, July 20, 16 companies will compete (virtually) for grant awards that will enable them to continue to develop their innovation that addresses COVID-19 in pediatrics in monitoring, diagnosing or treating the virus. The winners will receive up to $50,000 in grant awards. The funding comes from FDA and a philanthropic gift from Mei Xu, founder of Yes She May, an e-commerce platform that supports women-owned brands. One company will also receive a one-year residency at JLABS, the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Lab) in Washington, D.C.

Children’s National released the finalists that will compete next week:

  • Adipomics. One-step COVID-19 diagnostic kit for home or school use
  • Bloom Standard (Kaaria). Wearable, AI-driven ultrasound for infant cardiac and pulmonary screening and diagnostics
  • CereVu Medical. Remote COVID-19 sensor, monitor and centralized data hub that measures blood oxygen saturation, muscle aches, temperature and trouble breathing
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. A transparent reusable DIY origami facemask that reveals facial expressions & improves communication
  • Children’s National Hospital. Lab-on-a-chip device for high-throughput combination drug screening
  • Hopscotch. Gamified cognitive behavioral therapy-based computer exercises to encourage kids to stay engaged and complete treatment programs
  • Medichain. Cost effective, accurate COVID-19 test with results in minutes and can detect the virus in the early stage
  • Medipines. Monitor device that displays critical respiratory parameters analyzed from a patient’s breathing sample
  • OtoPhoto. A smart otoscope that quickly and accurately aids diagnosis of ear infections for home telehealth use
  • OxiWear . Continuous wear oxygen-monitoring device used to reduce patient insecurity
  • REALTROMINS. Real time, continuously updated predictive analytics to identify impending mortality in children
  • SurgiPals. Digital assistant and urine biochemical sensor to aid in outpatient care of children with COVID-19
  • TGV-Dx . Phenotype-based test system for rapid selection of effective antibiotic regimen
  • VitaScope. Quick, accurate infant vital signs to facilitate high-quality virtual care
  • Vitls . Wearable platform for remote patient monitoring of the vitals clinicians require to assess a patient
  • X-Biomedical. Rugged, portable smart ICU ventilator for pediatric and adult patients

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