Technology hazards in hospirals, ECRI

Patient Risk: ECRI Releases Top 10 Health Tech Hazards

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
Technology hazards in hospirals, ECRI

Infusion errors, faulty cleaning of devices and missed alarms are among ECRI’s annual list of dangers surrounding healthcare products for 2017.

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Watch the video in which ECRI’s Chris Lavanchy explains why duodenoscopes are so hard to clean.

ECRI once again has sounded the alarm of potentially unsafe issues involving healthcare products with the release of its annual Top 10 Health Technology Hazards for 2017 report. At the top of the list, which seeks to provide a practical tool for healthcare professionals, is infusion errors and new editions include hazards involving surgical staplers and software. Last year’s list specifically called out poor cleaning of flexible endoscopes, whereas this year ECRI cast a broader net over the inadequate cleaning of reusable instruments in general.

Top 10 Hazards

  1. Infusion Errors Can Be Deadly If Simple Safety Steps Are Overlooked
  2. Inadequate Cleaning of Complex Reusable Instruments Can Lead to Infections
  3. Missed Ventilator Alarms Can Lead to Patient Harm
  4. Undetected Opioid-Induced Respiratory Depression
  5. Infection Risks with Heater-Cooler Devices Used in Cardiothoracic Surgery
  6. Software Management Gaps Put Patients, and Patient Data, at Risk
  7. Occupational Radiation Hazards in Hybrid ORs
  8. Automated Dispensing Cabinet Setup and Use Errors May Cause Medication Mishaps
  9. Surgical Stapler Misuse and Malfunctions
  10. Device Failures Caused by Cleaning Products and Practices
In an interview with MedTech Intelligence last year, ECRI experts explained the goal of the annual report, along with what device companies should be doing to mitigate some of the issues called out. Read the article

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