Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos, Nightline

Nightline Broadcasts Previously Unseen Footage of Elizabeth Holmes’ Deposition in Report about CEO and Fall of Theranos

By Maria Fontanazza
Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos, Nightline

The disgraced former CEO once oozed total confidence about her company and product, and in latest released footage says “I don’t know” more than 600 times during a 2017 deposition.

Many of us have followed the rise and fall of the infamous Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced and former CEO of Theranos, a company that touted its technology could run hundreds of blood tests with a single drop of blood. But that was the biggest lie of all, said whistleblower and former company employee Tyler Schultz in a recent ABC Nightline report about the greed of and deceitful statements weaved by Holmes. In fact, the blood tests were being run on third-party machines—and when the Theranos devices did run the tests, they weren’t accurate.

For those of us who have followed the case over the years, this is nothing new. However, ABC News’ Nightline report was another none-the-less interesting look at how Holmes cheated industry, shareholders, its board (notably, former Secretary of State James Schultz, who initially didn’t believe his grandson, the whistleblower Tyler Schultz), and most importantly, patients.

Although Holmes exuded the utmost confidence in her company and product, in the never-before released deposition tapes from July 2017, she said “I don’t know” more then 600 times, according to the ABC report.

“Fake it till you make it doesn’t work in healthcare, because you’re talking about people’s health,” Avie Tevanian, a former Theranos board member told ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis.

Check out the Nightline report about Elizabeth Holmes here.

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