Wearable Cloud, Medical Device Connectivity

Medical Devices and the Cloud: What Does It Mean to Product Design?

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
Wearable Cloud, Medical Device Connectivity

Although the cloud offers great value for medtech manufacturers and device users, it also creates new challenges.

[UPDATE — January 6, 2021]

The growth of public cloud computing platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud has been driven by a wide variety of benefits related to reliability, performance, scalability, security, convenience, cost and functionality. Seeking to capture these benefits, more medical device companies are placing key components of medical device software and functionality on public cloud computing platforms, which creates challenges.

During a complimentary webinar, experts shared best practices that address these challenges so medical devices can harness the full benefits of cloud computing. A recording of the webinar, “Connected Medical Devices & the Cloud is now available on-demand.

The speaker line-up includes:

  • Clay Anselmo, Principal Quality & Regulatory Consultant, Shriner & Associates
  • Mike Attili, President, Amaxo
  • Pat Baird, Head of Global Software Standards, Philips
  • Tom Brennan, Chief Marketing Officer, Rootstock
  • Randy Horton, VP Solutions & Partnerships, Orthogonal
  • Bernhard Kappe, CEO, Orthogonal
  • Joe Lewelling, VP of Emerging Technologies & Health IT, AAMI
  • Josh Schulman, SVP of Clinical Innovation, MaxQ AI
  • Nicola Zaccheddu, Sr. Software Quality Engineer, Philips Healthcare
  • Thomas Maeder, Conference Director, MedTech Intelligence

This webinar is designed to inspire discussion among cross-functional teams across your organization. View the event on-demand.

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