Home Monitoring Tech to Continue to Gain Steam in 2020

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Technology will continue to evolve to allow patients greater control over their healthcare.

Bob Terbrueggen, president and CEO of DxTerity
Bob Terbrueggen, president and CEO of DxTerity

In a flash Q&A with MedTech Intelligence, Bob Terbrueggen, president and CEO of DxTerity gives some quick predictions of where health tech is headed in 2020.

MedTech Intelligence: Looking back at 2019, what were some of the most significant MedTech developments?

Bob Terbrueggen: 2019: CRISPR gene editing of human embryos and other applications

MTI: What MedTech breakthroughs are on the horizon for 2020?

Terbrueggen: 2020: Home monitoring of chronic disease combined with telehealth, wearables and precision medicine: The Apple Watch made a big splash with its ability to spot cardiac arrhythmias, and companies like Livongo have started to demonstrate the ability to more effectively manage diabetes patients from home. 2020 should be the year that home monitoring breaks through and goes beyond diabetes to everyday healthcare. Advances in 5G and the Internet of Everything will be combined with genomics to enable effective monitoring in autoimmune and cancer [treatment]. [Additional breakthroughs include] liquid biopsy based on ctDNA as well as gene expression monitoring of therapy response.

MTI: What industry challenges are ahead?

Terbrueggen: Patient privacy, HIPAA compliance, regulatory clearance and reimbursement.

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