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Healthcare Providers Call for Universal Platform for Recalls and Other Supply Disruption Alerts

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
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Leading hospital systems are advocating for “immediate transition” to digital communication to manage supply chain disruptions and enhance patient safety.

A group of leading U.S. healthcare providers, including members of Mayo Clinic, Novant Health, BJC HealthCare, and Munson Healthcare, have signed onto a letter urging the adoption of a universal platform to manage product recalls and other supply-disruption alerts. The health systems are also asking other providers to join them.

These healthcare leaders argue that “the current manual and fragmented systems compromise efficiency and, most importantly, patient safety.” They say that a universal, centralized communication platform will revolutionize their response to recalls and supply disruptions “by offering a single point of communication for all necessary updates and alerts.”

“The effectiveness of this network grows with each new member, leading to greater speed and efficiency that ultimately benefits our patients,” said Mike Vintges, Senior Vice President of Strategic Sourcing, National Cardiovascular Partners & Azura Vascular Care. “Every health system and supplier should be on it.” Vintges stressed the importance of this initiative for patient care.

As part of this initiative spearheaded by NotiSphere, these healthcare providers are encouraging their suppliers to adopt NotiSphere, a digital platform that directly connects medical device suppliers and healthcare organizations, enabling direct communication and management of supply disruptions in real time.  This platform enables rapid two-way digital communication, to help ensure prompt and effective responses to product recalls and other supply-chain disruptions.

“While the need for a robust supply chain is universally acknowledged, many in the industry still rely on outdated methods of communication,” said NotiSphere Founder and CEO Guillermo Ramas. “We built our platform to modernize this process, ensuring that providers receive immediate and accurate information to handle recalls and supply-chain challenges effectively.”


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