Feeling Stressed? There’s a Device for That

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Skip the Xanax—transcranial electrical stimulation might be able to help.

The fast-paced American lifestyle is a constant stressor for people. While a day at the spa is a solution for many, one company has developed a mechanical solution with the hopes of relieving stress, anxious thoughts, and helping users sleep soundly.

Manufactured by Thync, one customer states that the product is “Better than taking Xanax.” The device uses is a non-invasive form of neuromodulation, with a current output of 1/5 the amount that a standard over-the-counter TENS and EMS/PMS device output.

The company points to the device’s safety in the following journal paper, “The tolerability of transcranial electrical simulation used across extended periods in a naturalistic context by health individuals”. Research has been conducted over five years, involving 150 internal studies and 1300 nights of monitored sleep.

According to Thync, the device is a lifestyle product that is FDA-exempt from device regulation. It is available for purchase online.

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