FDA Launches Website to Report Regulatory Misconduct

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

The agency is providing an easy way for people to report misconduct in the medical device industry.

Today the FDA has announced the establishment of a website through which anyone can report an allegation of regulatory misconduct. Examples of allegations include promoting or advertising a device outside of the FDA-approved indications for use; importing a device into the United States without it meeting legal requirements; falsifying an export certificate to bring a device into the United States; failing to register and list a medical device with the FDA; and intentionally deceiving the FDA.

“Reporting allegations can help make the FDA aware of regulatory concerns it may not learn of otherwise,” according to an agency release. “This information can help the FDA identify the potential risks to patients and determine whether further investigation is warranted, as well as any steps needed to address or correct a potential violation.”

An instance of regulatory misconduct can be reported by filling out this form on the FDA’s website. Although the agency is encouraging that allegations include supporting information and contact information, people can also submit a report anonymously. The agency states that it will not share the identity or contact information with anyone outside of the FDA unless required by law or court order.

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