FDA Awards $6 Million in Grants for Pediatric Device Development

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Innovators will also receive guidance in the areas of prototyping, engineering, IP, testing, grant-writing and clinical trial design.

FDA has awarded up to $6 million in grants to support the development of pediatric medical devices. The awards are in the form of five grants that will be distributed over the next five years to the following organizations nationwide: Philadelphia Pediatric Medical Device Consortium, National Capital Consortium for Pediatric Device Innovation 2.0, Southwest National Pediatric Device Consortium, University of California San Francisco-Stanford Pediatric Device Consortium, and West Coast Consortium for Technology and Innovation in Pediatrics.

“We know that developing products specifically for pediatric patients can present unique challenges to device developers and there are still many unmet needs for children with serious, debilitating or rare diseases. This is why we continue to work to encourage device innovation for medical conditions that impact young populations. Our Pediatric Device Consortia Grant Program is one of a number of initiatives underway to foster the development and approval of safe and effective pediatric-specific medical devices.” – Scott Gottlieb, M.D., FDA

The consortia will provide expertise to device developers in a range of areas, including intellectual property, engineering, prototyping, lab testing and clinical trial design.

The program has awarded $37 million to consortia since 2009. According to the FDA, 19 pediatric devices have been made available will the help of the grants.

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