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Cybersecurity: How Vulnerable Are You?

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
MedTech Intelligence

Next month cybersecurity experts from FDA, medical device companies and other healthcare organizations with gather to talk strategy and best practices for designing and evaluating secure technologies.

Both hospitals as well as medical device manufacturers are vulnerable to the threats posed by bad actors. Ensuring the security of medical software is of paramount importance, but there are many steps in the process–and there are many parties involved.

Next month, cybersecurity experts from FDA, Battelle, Philips Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, the Mayo Clinic and many other device companies and organizations will gather at the Medical Cybersecurity: Vulnerability and Patch Management conference in Washington, D.C. (May 1–2) to discuss strategies and best practices for designing and evaluating the security of technologies and systems involving in patient safety.

Attendees have two ways to attend this conference: in-person or virtually. For more information, visit the conference website.

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