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COVID-19 Requires New Approach to Clinical Trials and Human Factors Studies

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
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An upcoming webinar will discuss the new methods and protocols that have emerged as a result of conducting trials and HF studies during the pandemic.

As with everything else in 2020, clinical trials and human factors studies look a little different this year. The pandemic has posed a challenge in conducting studies that would ordinarily require face-to-face interaction. During the upcoming webinar, “Clinical Trials & Human Factors Studies During a Pandemic”, experts will discuss not only the challenges encountered when conducting these studies but also the considerations and strategies as a result, and some lessons learned and long-term opportunities to help stakeholders streamline and enhance their procedures in the post-pandemic era. This webinar, which will occur from 12:00–1:30 pm ET on Monday, December 7, is highly recommended for professionals in clinical, human factors, instructional learning, quality and regulatory.

Featured speakers include:

  • Deb Billings, Ph.D. and Sophia Kalita, senior human factors consultants, Agilis Consulting
  • Marc Bonaca, M.D., executive director, CPC Clinical Research, & Professor of Medicine, Cardiology, & Vascular Medicine, director of vascular research, University of Colorado
  • Nicole Jaeger, associate director, research & community health operations, CPC Clinical Research

Join MedTech Intelligence for “Clinical Trials & Human Factors Studies During a Pandemic”, December 7, 2020, 12–1:30 pm ET.

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