Justice scale, healthcare, cost

COVID-19 Pushes Digital Transformation, MedTech Drivers Moving Forward

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
Justice scale, healthcare, cost

The pandemic has accelerated a revolution in medtech, impacting how companies approach their business strategy as well as how healthcare systems interact with medical device companies.

The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation occurring in medtech, changing both how companies approach their business strategy as well as how healthcare systems interact with medical device companies. “What’s occurred over the past 12 months has not only truly revolutionized how medtech organizations are bringing products to market but also thinking about how their go-to-market strategy is to be able to provide those products and services to customers as well,” said J. Cris Salinas, M.D., senior director, global healthcare and life sciences at Salesforce, during an exclusive MedTech Intelligence virtual event in August.

Several industry drivers are shaping the direction of medtech moving forward, including:

  • Consolidation
  • Communization
  • New entrants
  • Health policy
  • Consumer access

Impacted by COVID-19, these drivers are promoting five key areas of change:

  • Hybrid engagement
  • Value creation
  • Efficiency driven
  • Precision at Scale
  • Device-Enabled Experiences

Medtech companies still have time to prepare for these evolutionary changes, but soon, businesses will either be at the forefront of these changes, embracing them or they will get comfortable, negligent, and fall behind. From improving deal time to addressing revenue leakage, medtech organizations must turn to technology in order to prepare the business for the future. Join Salinas, Michael Allen, AVP of sales and service at Dynarex Corp and Aalap Patel, life sciences distinguished solution engineer at Salesforce, as they walk you through the process in achieving success by “Modernizing Your MedTech Selling Process”. Don’t miss the complimentary access to this exclusive, on-demand event.

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