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Boston Scientific, Mayo Clinic Team Up to Hit Unmet Needs

By MedTech Intelligence Staff
Mayo Clinic

The goal is to deliver new technologies to doctors faster.

Engineers at Boston Scientific and doctors at Mayo Clinic are collaborating on the development of devices in an effort to expedite the delivery of innovative technologies. Application areas include interventional cardiology, heart rhythm management, endoscopy, neuromodulation, urology and pelvic health. Mayo Clinic is conducting several studies to evaluate devices including a guide catheter used in aortic valve replacement that helps a doctor more easily pass a guidewire across a narrow aortic valve, and a spinal cord stimulator designed to block neural signals that can cause shortness of breath and muscle fatigue in heart failure patients during exercise.

“Open approaches to innovation, such as our collaboration with Mayo Clinic, can more quickly put better tools and devices in the hands of physicians to improve the health and well-being of patients,” says Michael F. Mahoney, president and CEO of Boston Scientific in a news release. “Our continued investment in this collaboration is an example of our commitment to further investing in jobs and innovation as a result of the recent suspension of the medical device tax.”

Last year Mayo Clinic treated about 1.3 million patients. The partnership between the clinic and Boston Scientific is managed by Mayo Clinic Ventures, which focuses on commercializing Mayo Clinic technologies, along with generating revenue for clinical practice, research and education.

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