2017 to Continue IoT Trend, Fewer Venture Capital Opportunities

By MedTech Intelligence Staff

Device companies may also need to assess their product portfolios to provide a more comprehensive suite of tools, according to a new report.

Some common themes related to the future of healthcare, and specifically medical devices, have pointed to cost-effective devices that integrate smart technologies and give the patient the ability to engage in disease management from his or her home. Next year will be no different, as the demand for in-home healthcare devices will increase due to the higher cost of services within healthcare facilities according to GlobalData’s latest report, Top 10 Trends in Medical Devices in 2017.

The research and consulting firm also predicts more accountability on the patient’s side: “2017 will also see healthcare insurance companies tapping into new applications of the Internet of Things. With the burgeoning number of wearable devices and increased pricing pressures in healthcare, insurance premiums will be determined by a patient’s lifestyle as recorded on a smartwatch in a usage-based insurance model,” according to a company release.

Other predictions for 2017 include:

  • M&A landscape will settle
  • Start-up and small medical device companies will see fewer venture capital opportunities, further delaying new product launches
  • Device manufacturers will need to reassess their product portfolios as the focus moves towards providing physicians and hospitals with a suite of tools and services that help monitor and improve patient outcomes and enable cost savings

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